ASRA 13th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting

ASRA 13th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting

Dr. Silverman will be speaking on several pain medicine related topics at the upcoming ASRA 13th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting on November 13 - 16 in San Francisco, CA.

ASRA, the American Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine is the largest subspecialty medical society in anesthesiology. ASRA's goal is to "be the leader in regional anesthesia and acute and chronic pain medicine through innovations in patient care and education, and support of research."

Dr. Silverman, renowned pain management specialist based in Pompano Beach, Florida is conducting PBLD 27, a lunch session on Perioperative Management of Buprenorphine. In addition, he is moderating Parallel Session 9 on the topic of Office Based Opioid and Substance Abuse Management. 

Dr. Silverman, an expert on Opioid withdrawl is speaking on the topic of  Pharmacology/Management of Opioid Withdrawal and Benzodiazepine Withdrawal as well as Buprenorphine for Pain and Dependency. 

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