Pain Medication and Addiction

Opioid Addiction Detox South Florida

Suboxone for Treatment

Sometimes patients with pain may also have the disease of addiction. This could be from prior drug abuse or alcoholism for example.  They may even have the genetic vulnerability to the disease and not even be aware of it. For instance, if both biological parents are alcoholics, the relative risk of a child being an alcoholic is about  8 times more likely.  

Often patients with addiction are treated with opioid pain medications and there are complications  associated with this treatment. For example, a patient may have suffered from alcoholism 30 years ago, is sober, but then suffers an acute painful injury (or surgery) and is given opioid pain medications for pain management. This COULD (but not always) cause a relapse (Percocet is like “alcohol in pill”).  Or patients with previous opioid/heroin addictions find themselves in the same situation.

Opioids can be used but their use and consumption needs to be carefully monitored. Sometimes,  opioids are NOT the best medications for these patients. So how do we treat this? AtComprehensive Pain Medicine, Dr. Silverman evaluates each patient and tailor the addiction treatment management plan to that person's individual needs.

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